Dentures for Richmond & Sandston, VA

Dentures are removable prosthetics that replace the look, feel and function of natural teeth. If you have lost several or all of your teeth, dentures will restore your ability to chew, bite, speak and smile confidently. Crafted from replacement teeth attached to an acrylic base, today’s dentures are more lifelike in appearance and feel lighter than the dentures your parents or grandparents wore. Dr. William Munn and the rest of our team will help you find the dentures that best suit your individual circumstances. 

Dentures in Richmond, VA

Full vs. Partial Dentures

When picking out your dentures, you have several options. 

Full or complete dentures replace all of the teeth in the lower and/or upper jaw. They fit over the gum tissue and remain in place with adhesive products. Partial dentures fit into gaps between the natural teeth to replace multiple teeth in a row. They attach to the adjacent natural teeth. 

Both full and partial dentures can be anchored to dental implant posts (and therefore are not removable, except by a dentist). Though the placement process of implant-retained dentures is slightly longer than that of conventional dentures, many patients feel the added stability and retention are well worth it.

Denture Placement Process

The process to fit and place non-implant-retained dentures usually takes several dental appointments. Dr. Munn’s goal is to provide dentures that look natural and feel as comfortable as possible.

During your first appointment, Dr. Munn will check to make sure your gums are healthy and there are no issues that need to be addressed before moving forward. He will take impressions and measurements of your mouth to help craft your custom dentures. Dr. Munn may arrange for a wax model to be made of your dentures; using the model, you can preview the look and feel of your dentures and provide feedback to refine the design and fit.

Once you and Dr. Munn have agreed on the details of your dentures, a dental laboratory will construct the prosthetics using top-quality materials. When your dentures are ready, you will have another appointment to try them on. Dr. Munn can make certain adjustments during the appointment to improve the dentures’ fit or feel.  

Denture Care and Maintenance

You can expect a brief adjustment period as your facial muscles adapt to biting and chewing with your new prosthetics. You may need to practice enunciating with your dentures, too. Dr. Munn and our team are available to help guide you through the adjustment period and make sure you become completely comfortable with your new dentures.

Dentures in Sandston, VA

We will also walk you step by step through the care and maintenance of your new dentures. Removable dentures must be cleaned and soaked overnight using special products. Your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth also need to be kept clean and free of bacteria and food particles. Our team is happy to answer your questions and provide our best tips for keeping your dentures clean and intact.

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