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General Dentistry Richmond VA

Like a primary care physician who is responsible for providing comprehensive general medical care, a general dentist focuses on treating your overall oral health needs. Just as you see your PCP for an annual physical to monitor existing health problems and detect any signs of new ones, regular general dentistry visits can help you maintain good oral health over the long term.

Dr. William Munn is an exceptional general dentist that you can trust as your first point of contact for all of your dental care. He has the training and experience necessary to diagnose, treat and manage problems affecting your teeth and gums. Seeing Dr. Munn regularly for routine dental care will help you enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come!

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings help Dr. Munn detect dental problems and prevent new ones. The dentist and our hygienists strive to complete exams and cleanings in a way that is as gentle and pleasant as possible.

General Dentistry Sandston VA

During a cleaning, one of our hygienists will use professional instruments to clean your teeth, gumline and the tiny crevices in between each tooth. We will polish your teeth and floss them to get rid of any lingering bacteria or food particles. Throughout the cleaning, we will share tips to make your at-home oral hygiene more effective.

Once your teeth and gums are clean, Dr. Munn will conduct a thorough exam of your mouth, checking for dental decay, damage and gum disease. He will evaluate the way your upper and lower teeth fit together, ruling out any problems with your bite. Dr. Munn will also look for signs of oral cancer, including suspicious lesions or lumps. And, if you have existing dental work, Dr. Munn will ensure any restorations are intact and functioning optimally.

Depending on when your last set of X-rays was taken, you may be due for an updated set. X-rays show us the inside of your teeth and the areas between your teeth so we can identify and diagnose problems like cavities.

If a problem is discovered during an exam, prompt attention and treatment can rehabilitate your smile and help you avoid lengthy, costly treatment in the future. 

Tooth Extractions

In many cases, Dr. Munn can save a damaged or decayed tooth with a restoration like a filling or dental crown. If a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair, he may recommend extracting the tooth.

Tooth extractions are not a frightening or traumatic experience. Dr. Munn will ensure your mouth is completely numbed prior to removing the jeopardized tooth. He will walk you through the procedure, step by step, so you understand what to expect. Patients usually feel nothing more than a slight sting from the numbing medication and some mild pressure. Once the tooth is removed, Dr. Munn will explain your replacement options.

General Dental Care You Can Trust

Schedule a visit with our team and learn why Sandston and the surrounding Virginia areas trust us for their general dental care. To us, your time is valuable and your health, comfort and satisfaction are most important. Call or email us today to request an appointment or learn more about our available services.